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Monday, June 10, 2013

Almost Summer

First of all, I am so sorry I have not blogged or updated in over a week, we have been in full swing CrAzY around here!
We have been gearing up for the end of the school year which of course means the sun is finally going to shine here in Washington, making my job of teaching our little people a bit harder because all they want to do is run, scream and play in the sunshine. I don’t blame them one bit! For the record, we did try to do a lot of our learning outside but, there are still a few subjects that we do online and taking the computer out just wasn’t an option. Those subjects may or may not have been skipped…. SSSSHHHHH, don’t tell the principal!
To add to the fun my dear, sweet husband was out, floating around in the ocean, on one of the Navy’s finest vessels for a week. I love that he is extremely knowledgeable at his job and that he was hand picked to go along on this particular ride by let’s just say, ‘someone who’s uniform has some bling’ on it.  It is a bitter sweet pill to swallow, he is always missed when he’s not here with us.  I’ll just end that with…I was very happy to see him when he got home at ‘way to late to call it Friday night, and way to early in the morning to be considered Saturday’!
This week was the last week of baseball for Blake. He has grown so much and he really has a passion for the sport. We are extremely thankful for all the support from Coach Chris, his wife Anne and all of the amazing parents on our team who made the season so very enjoyable. And, we couldn’t be prouder of Blake and his teammates, these kids were not only talented, they had amazing sportsmanship! We are looking forward to the summer with our baseball friends and fall ball.

One of my sweet friend Katie’s sons turned one this weekend and in an effort to help our fundraising, she commissioned me to make cakes, cookies and to take the photo’s for the big day. It took several hours through out the week to complete the cake and cookies. Thursday night she brought over pizza and beverages which made the cookie decorating much more enjoyable. Here are some pictures of what I accomplished.
The birthday cake (it was 4 layers and just about 6” tall, of chocolate and vanilla, yummy, goodness inside. Not to mention the green butter cream icing in between!)

Turtle and starfish cookies for the party favor bags.

The final product for the party favors.

Whale cookies for the tops of the cakes.

The smash cake

In between making cakes, school and our normal day-to-day activities, I am still tackling the pile of paperwork that accompanies an adoption.  I learned early on in the week that was going to be a bust because a lot of what needed to be done required not just the signature of ‘the man’ who was out, floating on a boat, but a notarized signature.  So, I hung it up and focused on the things I could do.  I did manage to pick up our local police reports…I now have it in writing, they say we aren’t the local criminals! I found myself grateful for the small checks in the boxes.
All in all, it was a good week; we just had a lot going on. Now we are gearing up for more fundraisers, some will be local and there will be some that everyone can partake in. We have a give-away going on over at our Sailing to our Starfish Facebook page. We are giving away 2 gift cards, one $25 Amazon card and one $50 Massage Envy gift card. Details are on the FB page.

Thank you all for following along, lifting us in prayer and joining us on our journey!


  1. Love the cake and cookies!!!!! Great job! (And if the principle finds out ... it wasn't from me! LOL)

    1. Thank for not telling on us Amanda! The cake, cookies and sunshine was so much more appealing this week!